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A (real) Space Odyssey 0

A (real) Space Odyssey

GALILEO WAS AN AMAZING SPACECRAFT. Launched in 1989, it arrived at Jupiter just under 6 years later and orbited for 7 years. Over 20 years after sending Galileo, we are about to launch his younger sister, Juno, on her way to Jupiter on August 5, and I get to be at Kennedy Space Center to send her on her way.

Getting Into Space Points 0

Getting Into Space Points

I LOVE THE SPACE ENTHUSIAST COMMUNITY. NASA has done an amazing job of adopting social media as a method of outreach, and it certainly shows in the community that they have helped build online. I always liked the idea of space exploration, but until I got involved with a NASA Tweetup at Goddard Space Flight Center, I never knew what the community was really about. It is just overflowing with interesting and smart people from all walks of life, and some of them came up with an idea that I find intriguing.

Get a clue (train) about Social Media Marketing 1

Get a clue (train) about Social Media Marketing

THE BIG NEW BUZZ IS FIGURING OUT how to turn Twitter into cash. Everyone’s got a book, or a seminar, or a podcast, or a website about how to use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, blogs, and anything else that has the faintest whiff of social media about it to create marketing gold. Most of these so-called experts are completely missing the point. Social media is not about your business. It’s not about your product, and it sure as heck isn’t about your marketing, Madison Avenue or otherwise. It’s about your people.