The table has always been a place to bring people together.  Whether it’s the dinner table, the conference table, the game table, or the negotiating table, it is the place where you sit down, share ideas, and talk.  There are two definitions of a tabled idea that I know.  The first is the idea that you don’t really want to pursue right now, but may want to later.  The second is the idea that you want to “put on the table” to discuss, brainstorm, and get moving on.  This site is about the latter more than the former.

Who am I?  That really depends on the context.  I’m a father of a 5 year old with a fantastic imagination and a 18 month old girl who is quickly learning to keep up with her big sister.  I’m the husband to a wonderful woman who keeps me sane and drives me crazy.  I’m owned by a couple dogs who could not care less what I have to say.  I’m a computer geek with a full-time “day job” that pays the bills and lets me flex my technical skills.  I’m a follower of GTD, and for the third time I’m hoping it will stick.  I’m a photographer of questionable talent.

Mostly, I’m just a guy with a lot on his mind.  Stick around for a while, share your experiences.