Good Travel Days

I NEVER REALIZED THERE WERE GOOD TRAVEL DAYS. Usually, I am in the “I love to travel, but can’t stand airports” crowd. Apparently, today I am getting my karma repaid a little.

Today started off as my most hated kind of air travel: connecting flights. Not only that, but once I got to Jacksonville I was going to have to drive 3.5 hours down to Orlando. I splurged a little and got a business class seat on my first leg, especially since it included the checked bag fees. Once into Atlanta, I grabbed some lunch and settled in at the gate to wait an hour for the next flight. As we approached the boarding time, the gate agents asked for volunteers to give up their seats for 2 round trip tickets and rebooking on the next flight around 10 PM.

Normally, I can’t take advantage of these kinds of things, because I’m with the family, and the girls won’t tolerate that kind of wait. When I’m flying alone, I never get the opportunity. So, of course, this time I actually need to get where I’m going on time. But wait… Atlanta is a hub for AirTran, right? I wonder…

“Excuse me, if I volunteer my seat, could you get me on a flight to Orlando instead?”

“Let’s see. Yes, I can get you on a 4:28 flight. Would you like to do that?”

“Yes, that will work for me.”

So I am now flying to Orlando instead of Jacksonville. Hertz will have a car waiting for me for a one-way rental (for less money, after juggling car sizes), and I will save myself a long drive. Not only that, I will get to Orlando sooner. Oh, and since I was first to volunteer and very nice to them, the agent got me a business class seat. And I have 2 free tickets to use later, which certainly helps with family travel.

So for all that, I am posting this from 35,000 feet, just because I can. Now back to my complimentary adult beverages.

Todd Palino


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